Here is a list of 5 expected sewer line problems that most homes confront

Sewer lines are a fundamental part of a home’s plumbing system. It safely transports all kinds of wastewater from home to the sewage system. Sewer lines, therefore, allow us to live in a healthy and hygienic environment. Just like any other system, sewer lines are also vulnerable to damage.

Underground water, shifting of the soil, contents in the pipes, as well as excessive heat are some of the potential risk factors. It is crucial to remain mindful of the common sewer line problems that a household can encounter. We have compiled a list of sewer line problems that you are likely to come across.

Intrusion By The Tree Roots

If this happens, it becomes highly unpleasant and inconvenient not only for the family but also for the surrounding neighbors. This problem can be prevented by killing the tree roots using a chemical. The future damage can be averted in this way. But in case the roots have already damaged your sewer pipes, you will need a professional’s help to repair them.


Gurgling sounds, water backing up, and slowed drains are some of the signs of sewer blockage. To prevent this problem waste should be disposed of reasonably instead of dumping it in the toilet.


Damaged Pipes

Cracks and holes


Inadequate Maintenance.

Sewer System Failure

The sewer line in your property that connects to the main sewer line should be checked by the homeowners. As local services are not responsible for checking the sewer lines on your property.

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